Last week we wrote an introduction about Reentrancy vulnerabilities, this week we will discuss another common vulnerability called Overflow.

let’s take a look at what an overflow is:

There are two types of Flow, Overflow, and Underflow. The so-called overflow refers to the fact that when a single numerical calculation is run, the result of the calculation is greater…

On December 3rd, 2021, the SlowMist identified a sophisticated phishing attack on the Gnosis Safe Mutisig in the Habitat team fund. This is our brief analysis of the situation so far.

Relevant Information

Hacker’s first address: Habitat Multsig Drainer Fund Supplier 0x62a51ad133ca4a0f1591db5ae8c04851a9a4bf65

Hacker’s second address : Habitat Multsig Drainer 0x26a76f4fe7a21160274d060acb209f515f35429c

Fake Gnosis…

On October 27, 2021, Cream Finance suffered another attack loss of approximately US$130 million. The SlowMist security team immediately intervened in the analysis and shared its brief analysis as follows.

The root cause of the attack

The contract of this attack is to use the flaws in the Cream lending pool to obtain the price of…


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