A Look Back on the Past Four Years

  • SlowMist MistTrack system was selected as “2020 Digital Fujian Blockchain Key Project”
  • SlowMist sponsors the “SlowMist Cybersecurity Award” for the Master of Finance Programme of Hong Kong Baptist University
  • The National Blockchain Vulnerability Database released the “Blockchain Vulnerability Grading Rules”, and SlowMist contributed to the “Peripheral System Vulnerability Grading Rules”
  • Participated in the compilation of the national standard research project “Technical Security Requirements for Blockchain Services”
  • The first blockchain security attack and defense training in the digital currency industry: Hacking Time
  • The first community in the digital currency industry to focus on blockchain security intelligence and bug bounty: SlowMist Zone
  • First report of Ethereum’s blockchain vulnerabilities: Ethereum’s Black Valentine’s Day vulnerability and the two-year-long coin theft attack
  • Global exclusive disclosure of “fake recharge” series of vulnerabilities: USDT fake recharge vulnerability, Ethereum token fake recharge vulnerability, Ripple (XRP) fake recharge vulnerability, EOS fake recharge vulnerability, Monero (XMR) lock transfer attack, etc.
  • The world’s first smart contract firewall on the blockchain: FireWall.X, which has been highly reported and recognized by EOS officials and the community
  • The world’s first vulnerability scanner for the blockchain layer: a fake recharge vulnerability scanner, saving our clients from losing more than 10,000 bitcoins
  • TradingView XSS 0day vulnerability that kills most trading platforms
  • First to warn and analyze the ETC’s 51% computing power attack, the joint community successfully recovered all stolen assets
  • Original application-side auditing method: real IP hiding
  • Original Blockchain Threat Intelligence System: SlowMist BTI System
  • The best security development guide for EOS smart contracts has become the standard for EOS global DApp security development
  • The EOS super node security implementation guide has become the security deployment standard of EOS global major supernodes
  • Ontology’s Beidou Consensus Cluster Security Implementation Guide has become an essential recommendation standard
  • VeChain’s core node security implementation guide has become the official recommendation standard



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SlowMist is a Blockchain security firm established in 2018, providing services such as security audits, security consultants, red teaming, and more.