A Look Back on the Past Four Years

It’s our Birthday 😊

SlowMist has seen its share of ups and downs in the four years since it was established on January 26, 2018. We’ve built a network of blockchain security services and products for our clients over the last four years. Our products and services have been used by many well-known projects and thousands of individuals worldwide. Looking back, we are proud of what we accomplished and how far we’ve come. Let’s take a look back at what we accomplished last year.

Some articles published in 2021:

Popular series

Vulnerability Disclosure and Research

AML Reports

Upgrades to products and services in 2021:

03/29/2021 SlowMist AML Upgrades

We upgraded and released the SlowMist AML in 2021, focusing on two products: MistTrack and the Malicious Address Library. This is achieved by using our multidimensional malicious address database, extensive address labeling, and a wide range of advanced visual control components. We use these databases to monitor suspicious activity on the blockchain to prevent and track addresses associated with illegal activities. MistTrack presently supports all BTC, ETH, and TRX addresses. We have assisted over 60 institutions and individuals in recovering over $960 million in cryptocurrency. Our Malicious Address Library contains over 100,000 addresses from the blockchains of BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, and TRX.

08/03/2021 Official Launch of the Cryptocurrency Security Solution

In addition to our twelve original services, we decided to officially launch our 13 services, the Cryptocurrency Security Solution. It is a comprehensive security solution built on years of research in the blockchain industry’s first-line attacks and defense practices. We hope that in the near future, with the help of our open source and institutional-grade products, this solution will become the best set of security practices in the market.

10/25/2021 The upgrade and launch of the SlowMist Hacked Archives

SlowMist Hacked archives contains a comprehensive list of all previous incidents in the blockchain industry. This list is not only updated in real-time, but it also covers a broader, more visual, and intuitive scope, catering to thousands of learners and professionals. It serves as a window into the blockchain world and has been recognized by various domestic and international media outlets.

Assistance and Partnership in 2021:

03/20/2021 Assisted SIL.Finance in recovering $12.15 Million in stolen assets within 36 hours

05/16/2021 Comprehensive partnership with FireEye, a global leading cybersecurity company

06/10/2021 Partnership with CoinMarketCap to integrate the results of security audits

09/11/2021 Lectures at the People’s Public Security University of China on Blockchain Security

12/07/2021 Collaboration with Baidu security team to crack down on fake crypto wallets

01/13/2022 Invited to speak at the Fujian Network Security training class for leaders

Media Coverage and Recognitions:

06/02/2021 “News Live Room” on CCTV-13 in regards to cryptocurrency frauds

06/16/2021 China’s top 100 cybersecurity firms in the field of Blockchain Security

08/10/2021 Coverage by major media outlets for our assistance in the PolyNetwork incident

11/1812021 Recognitions by the EOS foundations for helping secure the EOS blockchain

Other Achievements and Recognitions:

  • SlowMist MistTrack system was selected as “2020 Digital Fujian Blockchain Key Project”
  • SlowMist sponsors the “SlowMist Cybersecurity Award” for the Master of Finance Programme of Hong Kong Baptist University
  • The National Blockchain Vulnerability Database released the “Blockchain Vulnerability Grading Rules”, and SlowMist contributed to the “Peripheral System Vulnerability Grading Rules”
  • Participated in the compilation of the national standard research project “Technical Security Requirements for Blockchain Services”
  • The first blockchain security attack and defense training in the digital currency industry: Hacking Time
  • The first community in the digital currency industry to focus on blockchain security intelligence and bug bounty: SlowMist Zone
  • First report of Ethereum’s blockchain vulnerabilities: Ethereum’s Black Valentine’s Day vulnerability and the two-year-long coin theft attack
  • Global exclusive disclosure of “fake recharge” series of vulnerabilities: USDT fake recharge vulnerability, Ethereum token fake recharge vulnerability, Ripple (XRP) fake recharge vulnerability, EOS fake recharge vulnerability, Monero (XMR) lock transfer attack, etc.
  • The world’s first smart contract firewall on the blockchain: FireWall.X, which has been highly reported and recognized by EOS officials and the community
  • The world’s first vulnerability scanner for the blockchain layer: a fake recharge vulnerability scanner, saving our clients from losing more than 10,000 bitcoins
  • TradingView XSS 0day vulnerability that kills most trading platforms
  • First to warn and analyze the ETC’s 51% computing power attack, the joint community successfully recovered all stolen assets
  • Original application-side auditing method: real IP hiding
  • Original Blockchain Threat Intelligence System: SlowMist BTI System
  • The best security development guide for EOS smart contracts has become the standard for EOS global DApp security development
  • The EOS super node security implementation guide has become the security deployment standard of EOS global major supernodes
  • Ontology’s Beidou Consensus Cluster Security Implementation Guide has become an essential recommendation standard
  • VeChain’s core node security implementation guide has become the official recommendation standard

Other SlowMist research results: https://github.com/slowmist

Going Forward

Over the years, we have made steady progress in our journey to shine light upon the dark forest of blockchain security. We’re committed to defending the blockchain industry and regularly sharing our findings with the community. We will continue innovating, developing, and generating value even if the journey is long and strenuous. We want to express our gratitude to our partners, clients, and the community for their support and efforts over the last four years. We could not have done it without you, and we look forward to working for you.




SlowMist is a Blockchain security firm established in 2018, providing services such as security audits, security consultants, red teaming, and more.

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SlowMist is a Blockchain security firm established in 2018, providing services such as security audits, security consultants, red teaming, and more.

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