Analysis of the YIEDL Security Breach

4 min readApr 25, 2024



On April 24, 2024, according to intelligence from the SlowMist Security Team, the YIEDL project on the BSC chain was attacked, with the attacker stealing approximately $300,000. We conducted an analysis of the attack and these were our findings:


Related Information

Attacker’s Address: 0x322696471792440499b1979e0a440491e870667a

Contract Address Being Attacked: 0x4edda16ab4f4cc46b160abc42763ba63885862a4

Some of the Attack Transactions:











Cause of Attack

In this incident, the reason lies in the contract’s failure to adequately validate the external parameter(dataList) provided by the user during the processing of the redeem function call. This parameter is critical data for controlling asset exchanges, typically containing specific transaction instructions or routing information. The attacker maliciously constructed this external parameter, enabling unauthorized asset transfers.

Transaction Analysis

The attacker repeatedly invoked the redeem function with a redemption quantity of 0 assets. This action may seem harmless since a redemption quantity of zero typically doesn’t trigger any actual fund movement.

However, delving into the redeem function reveals that it traverses the list of assets allowed by the contract. When the current asset is not the one the user wishes to receive, it parses the dataList parameter and makes an external call to the corresponding function in the 1inch Router contract to execute the asset exchange operation.

Due to the unchecked and unverified nature of the dataList parameter, the attacker was able to construct malicious values to execute the unoswapTo function in the 1inch Router contract for arbitrary and controllable token exchanges.

As a result, WBNB-ADA tokens within the Yiedl BULL contract were exchanged for BNB to the attacker’s address.

In this manner, the attacker, without actually owning any redemption shares, triggered token exchange operations controlled by the dataList parameter. By repeatedly mobilizing contract funds without consuming their own assets, the attacker profited and exited.


The core of this attack lies in the failure to adequately validate the dataList parameter, allowing attackers to manipulate external data and drain tokens from the contract using 1inch. The SlowMist Security Team recommends project teams implement rigorous parameter validation mechanisms during development, especially concerning asset operations within contracts. When it comes to the operation of funds in a contract, it is important to ensure that all external calls conform to expected behavioral norms and conduct thorough security audits of contract logic to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents.

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