Cryptocurrency Scams Unveiled: Insights and Prevention

7 min readMar 19, 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital assets, the alarming rise in cryptocurrency-related scams has prompted an urgent need for awareness and robust protective measures. Drawing on the critical findings from both the 2023 Internet Crime Report by the IC3 and our SlowMist 2023 Annual Blockchain Security and Anti-Money Laundering Annual Report, this document synthesizes the insights to shed light on the multifaceted nature of scams within the cryptocurrency domain.

Escalation of Cryptocurrency Investment Scams

The IC3’s 2023 Internet Crime Report unveils a concerning surge in investment scams, with cryptocurrency-related frauds seeing a 53% increase in losses, amounting to $3.94 billion. This staggering figure underscores the lucrative allure these scams hold for criminals, leveraging the novelty and complexity of blockchain technology to exploit unsuspecting investors .

Parallel to this, the Blockchain Security and Anti-Money Laundering Annual Report corroborates the severity of the situation by documenting a myriad of security breaches and scam incidents. In 2023 alone, the cryptocurrency sector witnessed 464 security incidents, resulting in losses of up to $2.486 billion. A significant portion of these incidents can be attributed to sophisticated phishing operations and rug pull scams, emphasizing the urgent need for heightened vigilance and enhanced security measures within the blockchain ecosystem .

Emerging Threats and Sophistication in Scams

The evolution of phishing scams has seen a notable increase in sophistication, leveraging social engineering tactics to exploit the psychological vulnerabilities of targets. Additionally, the continuous adaptation and innovation among scammers have led to the emergence of new threats, such as SIM swap attacks, which aim to circumvent two-factor authentication measures and gain access to victims’ digital assets. This method underscores the critical need for enhanced security practices and awareness among users.

The Mechanisms of Deception

A closer examination of these fraudulent activities reveals a complex web of tactics employed by scammers. Among the varied tactics employed by cryptocurrency scammers, the “pig butchering scam” stands out for its psychological manipulation and long con approach. Originating from an unsettling metaphor where victims are ‘fattened’ with attention and trust before being ‘butchered’ financially, this scam begins with unsolicited messages via social media or dating platforms. Scammers, adopting fake identities, spend weeks to months nurturing a seemingly genuine relationship with their target, only to exploit this trust by introducing a bogus investment opportunity in cryptocurrency. Victims, seduced by the promise of high returns and swayed by emotional attachment, find themselves funneled into fraudulent platforms where their investments vanish into the pockets of scammers, leaving behind financial ruin and profound emotional distress.

Government Stance and International Response

The JPEX incident stands as a significant case study within this context. Operating primarily in Hong Kong, JPEX portrayed itself as a premier global digital assets and cryptocurrency trading platform. However, it became the center of a major scam, with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission flagging suspicious activities in September 2023. This led to the intervention of the Hong Kong Police and the launch of “Operation Ironclad,” culminating in the arrest of 66 individuals by December 18, 2023, and the identification of 2,623 victims, with losses approximating HK$1.6 billion.

The proactive response to the JPEX incident by the Hong Kong authorities signifies a broader global shift towards stringent regulatory scrutiny and action against cryptocurrency scams. It exemplifies how governments are no longer bystanders but active participants in combating financial fraud within the cryptocurrency domain. This shift is crucial in altering the perception of the cryptocurrency industry from a ‘Wild West’ to a regulated and secure financial space.

Incident timeline

MistTrack Case Study: Tracing the Consolidation Address

This address below served as a pivotal collection point for funds from numerous victims, many of whom were ensnared by scammers through long-term relationship building. These fraudsters reached out to unsuspecting individuals, often through social media or messaging platforms, and gradually fostered trust before guiding them to make financial transfers to this address.

The journey of the funds does not end at the consolidation address. Our investigation revealed that a portion of the stolen assets was transferred to various exchanges. The ability of these funds to bypass the exchanges’ compliance tools underscores a significant challenge in the fight against cryptocurrency scams. It highlights the necessity for exchanges to enhance their detection mechanisms and for victims to report fraudulent addresses promptly. Reporting even seemingly minor losses is crucial, as it aids in the identification and blacklisting of scam-associated addresses, thereby preventing further victimization.

The Importance of Reporting and Awareness

Victims of scams, while possibly feeling embarrassed or disheartened, play a vital role in this ecosystem. By coming forward and reporting their experiences, they contribute invaluable information that aids in refining tracking methodologies and preventing future scams. Bringing awareness to these incidents is not just about recouping losses but about collectively safeguarding the integrity of the cryptocurrency market.

Enhancing Collective Defense through Technology and Transparency

MistTrack Investigations exemplifies the synergy between technological advancements and community engagement in the battle against cryptocurrency investment scams. By demystifying the process of tracking stolen funds and emphasizing the power of victim reports, we underscore the necessity for a multi-faceted approach to security. Enhancing exchange compliance, empowering victims, and fostering a culture of transparency and cooperation are paramount in navigating the challenges posed by these sophisticated scams and ensuring a safer investment landscape for all.

Protective Measures and Recommendations

To combat these escalating threats, it is imperative for both individuals and institutions within the cryptocurrency ecosystem to adopt comprehensive and proactive security measures. Key recommendations include:

- Diligent Research: Before engaging in any investment, thorough vetting of the project, its developers, and its track record is essential.

- Enhanced Security Protocols: Utilization of hardware wallets, strong passwords, and multi-factor authentication can significantly reduce the risk of asset theft.

- Awareness and Education: Staying informed about common scam tactics and phishing methods is crucial in identifying and avoiding potential threats.

- Regulatory Compliance and Collaboration: For platforms and projects within the cryptocurrency space, adhering to regulatory guidelines and collaborating with security experts can enhance the overall security posture and trustworthiness.


The alarming rise in cryptocurrency investment scams, as highlighted by both the IC3 and our Blockchain Security and Anti-Money Laundering 2023 Annual Reports, signals a pressing need for heightened awareness, robust security measures, and comprehensive regulatory frameworks. By understanding the mechanisms of these scams and adopting strategic protective measures, the cryptocurrency community can work towards mitigating these risks and fostering a safer investment environment.

The alarming rise in cryptocurrency investment scams, as highlighted by both the IC3 and our Blockchain Security and Anti-Money Laundering 2023 Annual Reports, signals a pressing need for heightened awareness, robust security measures, and comprehensive regulatory frameworks. Understanding the mechanisms of these scams and adopting strategic protective measures is essential for the cryptocurrency community to mitigate these risks and foster a safer investment environment. In the vast and often murky world of blockchain, staying informed and vigilant is your first line of defense against the predators lurking in the dark forest of Blockchain. That’s why we strongly recommend everyone to read our SlowMist Dark Forest Manual, a comprehensive guide designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the blockchain ecosystem safely.

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