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The emergence of cryptocurrency frauds propagated through popular social media platforms represents a noteworthy increase in frauds that specifically target the general public, many of whom are likely unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies or the pervasiveness of these scams. One of the worst things that can happen to you while dealing with cryptocurrencies online is discovering that you’ve fallen victim to a scam. Being a victim of a scam is inherently stressful, and choosing what to do next could be challenging. Tracking your lost funds is a complicated process that, understandably, can be frustrating. This realization can ultimately lead to a pursuit of some sort of anti-money laundering investigation. However, this revelation does not have to signal the start of a downward spiral.

Thankfully, SlowMist has introduced an anti-money laundering tracking system called MistTrack, and it’s now live. MistTrack’s anti-money laundering tracking system combines a number of SaaS systems designed specifically to target cryptocurrency money laundering. Some of its core functions include fund risk scoring, transaction behavior analysis, fund traceability, and address monitoring.

The MistTrack anti-money laundering tracking system has amassed over 200 million address labels that can identify various wallet addresses from major trading platforms throughout the world. At the same time, MistTrack delivers full intelligence data assistance for anti-money laundering analysis and review, with over 1K address entities, 100K Intelligent Threats, and more than 90M addresses marked as suspicious. MistTrack currently allows users to investigate wallets on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain(BSC), TRON, Polygon(MATIC), Avalanche, Arbitrum and IoTeX networks, and we will be adding more networks in the future.

AML Risk Score

An algorithm computes the AML risk score for an address owner by analyzing historical transaction data against SlowMist’s database of malicious wallets. The system will flag an address as a risky address if the entity to which it belongs is a high-risk entity (such as the mixer) or if the address has funds with a known risk entity. Any confirmed addresses involved in illicit activities that involve extortion, theft, phishing, and fraud are risk-marked when paired with the SlowMist’s data. In other words, you can analyze the risks associated with each wallet address like a professional compliance officer and determine if the wallet address contains illegal funds.

Address Labels

Not only can we identify the entity the address belongs to, such as Coinbase or Binance, but we can also locate several on-chain and off-chain tags, such as ENS, MEV Bots, DeFi Whales, and so on, including which wallet program was used, whether it be imToken or MetaMask, for example. Through our Address Label feature, you’ll be able to better understand the address in question.

Transaction Analysis

We only provide you with the information you need, not the stuff you don’t. Ordinary blockchain browsers may be difficult and unintuitive, but instead of examining transaction details one by one via the block explorer, we evaluate all previous transactions of the address and consolidate their behaviors in a readable manner. This makes it easily comprehensible and creating behavior profiles of the target address further adds to the convenience of our platform. Simultaneously, the system will undertake a segmented analysis of the on-chain time of all signed transactions associated with the wallet address. Transactions on an address are also segmented by the time of signature, allowing users to predict time zones and active time periods.

Favorites & Monitoring

You have the ability to favorite and collect all the information you want from a certain wallet address with MistTrack’s Favorite and Monitoring features. All information is private and only accessible to you. If you want, you can even add the addresses of whales and KOLs to gather a comprehensive picture of their on-chain activity, watch their most recent transactions in real-time, and attempt to comprehend and follow their investments. All notifications are stored indefinitely and are available to view and download at any time.


The system displays a graph that acts as a visual depicting the relationship of all incoming and outgoing transactions of the address being queried. Data can be filtered and sorted directly from the graph and selected information can be monitored. There is no need to be concerned about the complexities of investigating cases. Our tools give you complete freedom to track, analyze, and take notes. All activities are immediately saved, and you may even collaborate on cases with your colleagues through the Share feature.


As a means to provide a more convenient address analysis, we’ve developed the MistTrack OpenAPI for developers to use in their applications. Users can create three Keys, and each Key can be called 10,000 times per day. By calling OpenAPI, MistTrack will return a list of labels, risk score, risk detail list, address overview and a transaction investigation result for the given address.

Learn more at: https://docs.misttrack.io/openapi/introduction


Due to the general anonymity of cryptocurrency, it is inevitable that it would be utilized for money laundering and the transfer of large assets. Money laundering crimes are increasingly becoming a cross-regional, cross-industry, specialized trend. You may unknowingly end up dealing with criminals and terrorists, placing yourself at risk of scrutiny for money laundering. At the same time, each organization only has the ability to utilize its own data for basic analysis, making it nearly impossible to truly weed out those organizations that collaborate in money laundering activities. This poses a significant obstacle to anti-money laundering efforts.

MistTrack is now offering a free one-month trial to everyone. You can initiate an investigation and evaluate the transaction features and behavior characteristics of any wallet address. Collect all linked address labels via one or more wallet addresses and characterize its profile based on ENS name, transaction action, transaction time, and entities involved. This is a cryptocurrency monitoring and compliance tool for everyone to use, making the Web3 world a safer and more pleasant experience. Make the most of it.

Website: https://misttrack.io/




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