MistTrack Updates (May)

3 min readMay 24, 2022


Hi, there!

The MistTrack anti-money laundering tracking system was officially launched on April 27th. Following a month of community feedback, we have updated and added the following features.

May 23rd updates

1. We have added a sharing function on MistTrack. Not only can you share your work with your friends or colleagues, but you can also invite them to collaborate with you on the project.

Furthermore, we encourage you to share your findings with the cryptocurrency community. You can do so by posting your investigation under investigations on our Discord server. You can also share your findings on Twitter to raise awareness. You’ll be able to learn about crypto tracking while assisting the community in tracking down stolen funds. (This feature is currently in beta testing; please contact us for access.)

2. To improve the user experience, we’ve incorporated a dark mode that switches on and off based on your Windows settings.

3. Sharing feature

  • Addresses shared in investigations can be added directly to your favorites.
  • You can also perform actions such as filtering addresses by, searching, sorting, and other operations on the investigation shared with you.

May 10th updates

  1. You can now track and monitor the following ERC-20 tokens.
  • WETH
  • DAI
  • UST
  • BUSD
  • BNB
  • UNI
  • ENS
  • GRT

2. When the query address has multiple tokens, it will be displayed. Click the token to view the address details.

3. Add clarification on why the AML Risk Score was assigned based on interactions with risky entities, hacking events, or suspicious transactions. It will also provide incidents associated with the address.

In the near future, we will be adding additional tokens and blockchains.

About MistTrack

MistTrack is an anti-money laundering tracking system built by SlowMist to help combat cryptocurrency money laundering activities.

MistTrack’s core functions provide our users with an in-depth analysis of an address. These features include:

  • AML Risk Score
  • Address Labels
  • Transaction Actions&Time Analysis
  • Transaction Graph
  • Address Favorites & Monitor
  • Investigations

With MistTrack, we provide victims a chance to track down their stolen funds

Details: https://slowmist.medium.com/misttrack-making-blockchain-analytics-easy-6148bb9d83c9

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