New Scam Alert: Beware of Phishing URLs Disguised as Transfer Addresses

5 min readNov 14, 2023



Recently, a new phishing scam has caught our attention. This scam typically occurs in chat applications like Telegram, beginning with off-exchange transactions. Before the actual transaction, the scammer asks the victim to transfer a small amount, say 0.1 USDT, to verify if their address poses any risks. The scammer then sends a so-called “public chain” address for the transfer, emphasizing that it must be entered in the wallet browser for the transaction to proceed. Unfortunately, once the victim enters this “public chain” address in their browser, they discover that all tokens in their account have been stolen.

So what exactly happened?

Analysis of the Scam

Upon analyzing the information provided by the victims, we discovered that this is not a case of simple transfer theft. Note: Addresses have been obscured to protect the victims’ information.

Based on our experience, this appears to be a phishing theft caused by authorization. The contract caller (TK…Gh) transferred 271,739 USDT from the victim’s address (TX…1W) to the scammer’s address (TR…8v) by invoking the transferFrom function.

At this point, we focused on the “public chain” address mentioned by the scammer:

At first glance, the address seems unproblematic. But a closer look reveals significant issues! First, the transfer occurred on TRON, but this is an address starting with 0x; secondly, upon further inspection, it turns out that this is not an address but a website ending with .in.

Upon analyzing this website, we found that it was created a month ago (October 11th) with the associated IP being

Similar websites exist under this IP, all created within the last month:

Currently, only is accessible. When searched in a wallet browser, this page only allows the selection of the TRON network.

After entering an amount and clicking next, it shows as a contract interaction.

We decoded the data in the Data section and found that the scammer (TYiMfUXA9JcJEaiZmn7ns2giJKmToCEK2N) lures users into signing an increaseApproval. Once the user clicks Confirm, their tokens can be stolen by the scammer using the transferFrom method.

An analysis of this scammer’s address reveals that users have already been tricked.

Most of the victim’s USDT was transferred to the address TLdHGHB8HDtPeUXPxiwU6bed6wQEH25ZKQ.

Using MistTrack to check this address, we found it received over 3,827 USDT.

Further analysis of other addresses is not discussed in detail.


This article starts with an actual theft case and introduces a new type of scam that disguises phishing websites as transfer addresses. SlowMist Security Team reminds everyone that since blockchain technology is immutable and on-chain operations are irreversible, it is crucial to carefully verify addresses before any operation. Understanding the risk profile of the target address, such as checking its risk score and malicious tags on MistTrack, is essential to avoid financial losses. If you notice any unusual transactions on an address, be vigilant, and calmly check. If needed, contact us or submit a form at for assistance.

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