Report on the Ronin Network Exploit and AML Analysis of Stolen Funds

Event background

Tools & Methods Used

  • AML Risk Score
  • Address Labels
  • Investigations

Extended Methods — Data Analysis

  • We identify ChipMixer’s withdrawal characteristics.
  • We then scan and filter the structured block data for the relevant time period based on the aforementioned withdrawal characteristics. Then we collect ChipMixer’s withdrawal records within this time frame.
  • We categorize the withdrawal data and verify the results with the highest probability.

Detailed AML Analysis

(Ronin Bridge Exploiter — Timeline of Fund Transfers)
(Ronin Bridge Exploiter — Diagram of Funds Transferred)
Note: The funds not account were lost during the laundering process
(Ronin Hacker from Tornado Cash Cross-chain data of renBTC after transfer)
Note. Data is valid up to July 20. 2022
Note. Transfers below 0.1 BTC aren’t accounted for,
Note. Transfers below 0.1 BTC aren’t accounted for.



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