Web3 Conference | SlowMist: Blockchain security, the never-ending war

On October 29th, the Web3 conference was held in Shanghai, China! The conference lasted two days and ended on the 30th. In addition to dozens of guests from global academia, the Internet, open source communities, venture capital, digital art, and media communities, the conference also gathered hundreds of developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs to gather at Maoyue on the Bund to share new ideas. The trend of thought brings you a “gluttonous feast” in the digital asset industry.

This is a real Web3.0 event

The Web3 conference is hosted by the Web3 Foundation, which aims to promote encryption and decentralized software, protocols, innovative technologies and applications, and develop the third-generation Internet Web3.0. The core is research, development, deployment, funding and maintenance of Web3 technology.

The invitation of the guests of this conference follows the values ​​of “Web3 Conference”: all agreement projects, all developers, and all people from different backgrounds and opinions are welcome to participate. The theme lectures of this conference mainly centered on blockchain technology and Web3 related advocacy plans.

Cos: Blockchain security, never ending war

Cos pointed out that DeFi security not only refers to smart contract security, but also includes blockchain basic security, front-end security, communication security, new function security, human security, financial security, and compliance security. He also said that in the world of blockchain, the cost of doing evil is horribly low. The value of the stolen digital assets that have been disclosed has exceeded 13.567 billion U.S. dollars, and the undisclosed number may be twice as much as the disclosed amount.

For details, please refer to SlowMist Hacked Archive: https://hacked.slowmist.io/

It is worth mentioning that Cos believes that “code is law” is an impractical and irresponsible sentence . He believes that blockchain security is far more than just happening on the blockchain, mining pools, exchanges, wallets, etc. all have the risk of being attacked. He finally emphasized that where the information boundary is, the war is there.

Ps: Thank the organizer for the invitation!

The following is the content of Cos’s speech on “Blockchain Security, Never Ending War”:

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