We’re inviting you to the 2024 Hong Kong Web3 Festival!

5 min readMar 25, 2024


From April 6th to 9th, 2024, the Hong Kong Web3 Festival, co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group, and organized by W3ME, will take place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This four-day event will feature 4 venues, covering nearly 9,000 square meters, and is expected to attract over 50,000 attendees, more than 300 globally influential speakers, and over 150 popular Web3 projects, communities, and media exhibitors.

As a team long dedicated to blockchain security, delving deep into the research of blockchain security technologies, SlowMist will participate in this festival as a Platinum Sponsor. We are excited to share our in-depth insights and practical experiences in the field of blockchain security technology. We also look forward to gaining the latest knowledge from various cutting-edge technological fields.

Booth Information

Date: April 6th to 9th

Location: Booth E03, 3rd Floor FG, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

As the Platinum Sponsor of this event, SlowMist will have its own dedicated interaction space at Booth E03. We warmly invite all friends interested in Web3 to visit us at Booth E03 for an engaging exchange. For those attending in person, we have prepared an exciting lucky spin game with fabulous prizes. For our friends who cannot be there physically, you’re also welcome to join our online activities. Generous rewards await, so stay tuned for our latest updates! (P.S. A special thanks to KeyStone for sponsoring some of the prizes ^ ^)

Event Agenda

As the potential and influence of Web3 gradually become apparent, solving the challenges of security and compliance to ensure the robust development of Web3 has also emerged as a major concern for the industry. In response, SlowMist has planned and will host an event titled “Hacking Time: Web3 Security and Compliance.” This event is scheduled for April 8th at 14:00 in Sub-Venue Three. We are fortunate to have invited a group of industry leaders to participate. Detailed agenda follows:

This breakout session will delve into and share insights on Web3’s security and compliance challenges. It promises to provide participants with fresh perspectives, thought-provoking ideas, and significant inspiration for understanding and addressing the issues of Web3 security and compliance. Notable attendees will include Dr. Xiao Feng, Chairman of HashKey Group, Aby, CEO of SlowMist, and core members of the SlowMist security team. If you are interested in this event, we cordially invite you to scan the QR code on the poster or click the original article link to register for free. We look forward to your participation. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to our many partners and media allies for their strong support of this breakout session on security.

Beyond our hosted events, we are also excited to participate in the following activities, and we hope to see you there:

- On April 5th, from 11:20 to 12:30, Blue, Partner and CTO of SlowMist, will join a roundtable discussion hosted by Liquidity in Meeting Room I.
- On April 6th, from 14:30 to 14:45, Keywolf, Partner and CPO of SlowMist, will give a keynote speech on “Web3 Security Risks and Best Practices” in Sub-Venue Three.
- On April 7th, from 17:30 to 18:10, Blue will participate in a “BTC Layer 2” roundtable discussion in the main venue.
- On April 9th, from 11:00 to 18:00, Blue will serve as a judge at the “Web3 Gaming Demo Day” organized by ABGA.

The Web3 Festival aims to offer attendees a comprehensive and multidimensional exploration of the Web3 world, not only showcasing the latest technologies but also sharing cutting-edge viewpoints and forecasting future trends and strategies in Web3. SlowMist will seize this opportunity to work closely with our partners to create a beautiful ecosystem for Web3, contributing to the secure development of Web3.

We look forward to meeting you at the 2024 Hong Kong Web3 Festival, where we will celebrate the feast of Web3 together and explore the endless possibilities within the Web3 world!

About SlowMist

At SlowMist, we pride ourselves on being a frontrunner in blockchain security, dedicating years to mastering threat intelligence. Our expertise is grounded in providing comprehensive security audits and advanced anti-money laundering tracking to a diverse clientele. We’ve established a robust network for threat intelligence collaboration, positioning ourselves as a key player in the global blockchain security landscape. We offer tailor-made security solutions that span from identifying threats to implementing effective defense mechanisms. This holistic approach has garnered the trust of numerous leading and recognized projects worldwide, including names like Huobi, OKX, Binance, imToken, Crypto.com, Amber Group, Klaytn, EOS, 1inch, PancakeSwap, TUSD, Alpaca Finance, MultiChain, and Cheers UP. Our mission is to ensure the blockchain ecosystem is not only innovative but also secure and reliable.

We offers a variety of services that include but are not limited to security audits, threat intelligence, defense deployment, security consultants, and other security-related services. We also offer AML (Anti-money laundering) solutions, Vulpush (Vulnerability monitoring) , SlowMist Hacked (Crypto hack archives), FireWall.x (Smart contract firewall) , Safe Staking and other SaaS products. We have partnerships with domestic and international firms such as Akamai, BitDefender, FireEye, RC², TianJi Partners, IPIP, etc.

By delivering a comprehensive security solution customized to individual projects, we can identify risks and prevent them from occurring. Our team was able to find and publish several high-risk blockchain security flaws. By doing so, we wish to help spread awareness and raise the security standards in the blockchain ecosystem.

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SlowMist is a Blockchain security firm established in 2018, providing services such as security audits, security consultants, red teaming, and more.