Introducing MistTrack: A Crypto Tracking and Compliance Platform for Everyone

5 min readMay 12, 2022

Hey everyone, this article aims to provide an overview on MistTrack’s features and how to use them.

Getting Started

First, you’ll want to visit MistTrack and access your dashboard. The main page on the dashboard has a search bar that allows you to select a token and enter an address.

Using MistTrack

After inputting a token and its corresponding address to search, MistTrack will yield results that contain basic information of that address such as its current balance, transaction history, age, etc. MistTrack however, will categorize the results into separate sections that detail specific information about the address. Now let’s talk about what each section means and how to use them.

Starting from the top left you’ll be able see whether the address is an EOA (Externally Owned Account) or a Contract Account. Right below that shows what tokens belong to that address. To the right you can view details about their holdings such as NFTs or other crypto assets by clicking on the links under the ‘Portfolio’ tab. Right next to that, you can also view their transaction information on known block explorers such as NFTSCAN, Etherscan, etc. by clicking on the ‘Explorer’ tab.

Moving over to the top right of the page will bring you to the ‘Address Labels’ section. Addresses are tagged to provide you with further details about the account. Addresses are labeled to assist users to distinguish between different types of addresses on the blockchain. These labels help users distinguish between exchanges, MEV bots, crypto whales, smart contracts, and more. The ‘Address Label’ simply allows you to better understand the entirety of the address that you’re investigating. If you want to save the address, you can do so by adding it to your ‘Favorites’ section. All data collected on an address is private and the information can only be viewed by you. You can also favorite Whales and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to receive insight into their on-chain activity. This allows you to monitor their transactions in real-time to give you a better understanding of their actions.

Moving back to the left, you’ll come across the ‘AML Risk Score’ category. An AML risk score is a value that’s assigned to an address based on their interactions on the blockchain utilizing SlowMist’s intelligence database. It provides users with an insight into the level of suspicious activity. The system will flag an address as a risky address if the entity to which it belongs is a high-risk entity (such as the mixer) or if the address has funds with a known risk entity. Any confirmed addresses involved in illicit activities that involve extortion, theft, phishing, and/or fraud are risk-marked when paired with the SlowMist’s data. In other words, you can analyze the risks associated with each wallet address and determine if the wallet address contains illegal funds.

Moving on to the second portion of the page, you’ll come across the ‘Transaction Actions Analysis’ section. This section displays information that demonstrates the overall behavioral profile of the address. The MistTrack system examines all of the address’s previous transactions and creates a summary in a human-readable format.

In the next section you’ll be able to view a chart that contains information on when a wallet is active. Basically, the way this works is that the MistTrack system undertakes a segmented analysis of the on-chain time of all signed transactions associated with the wallet address. Transactions on an address are also segmented by the time of signature, allowing users to predict time zones and active time periods.

The last section of the page contains a visual graph that displays the relationship of all incoming and outgoing transactions. Data can be filtered and sorted directly from the graph and selected information can be saved and monitored.

If you want to investigate further, you can click here to create a task, fill in the tracking name and notes, and the investigation will start. By the way, creating investigation is for Standard Plan use only, so be sure to contact us if you want to upgrade your plan. After successful creation, with just a few clicks, you can choose to only see income or expenses, and easily filter out the addresses of the exchanges involved. You can also view and download transaction details by clicking on the numbers. So that your investigation display can be seen at a glance.

That basically sums up the different capabilities offered by MistTrack’s address detail interface.


MistTrack anti-money laundering tracking system focuses on combating cryptocurrency money laundering activities and is built by SlowMist.

MistTrack can make you safer and more enjoyable in the Web3 world.


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